Football NewsNew details of Suarez’s case – Juventus were involved in the case
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Juventus got involved in a scandal; the reason is Luis Suarez. Several people have been banned from working at the University of Perugia.


New details have become known about the case of Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez. As you know, the Uruguayan tried to take an Italian language exam at the University of Perugia in Italy in the summer, which allowed him to obtain Italian citizenship.

However, it turned out that Suarez knew the answers to the exam test in advance. As a result of the investigation, the rector of the University of Perugia, Juliana Gergo, the director general, Simone Olivier, Prof. Stefania Spina and Lorenzo Roca were suspended from working for 8 months.

Most importantly, the investigation found that there were several Juventus employees in the Suarez case, and it was they who influenced the passing of the exams. No specific names are known yet.

Juventus tried to add Luis Suarez in the summer. But for that, it was necessary for Suarez to get an Italian passport to be admitted to the Turin ranks without any problems (he has a non-EU passport). That is why it was necessary to pass an accelerated exam test.

Eventually, Luis Suarez still could not move to Juventus. So, as you know, the Uruguayan is now at Atletico Madrid. On the other hand, the Turinese took over Alvaro Morata from the same Atletico.