Football NewsNewcastle’s future bosses will try to attract Massimiliano Allegri
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Newcastle will most likely have a new boss soon. As you may know, Mike Ashley wants to sell the club. Now he is in talks with the royal family of Saudi Arabia.


The British media is actively reporting on the alleged sale of the “Magpies”. As you may know, the fans of Newcastle do not like the current head of the club. So, they will be happy to meet his departure.

Ashley has repeatedly tried to sell Newcastle in the past, but the case has never reached a final agreement. Now the situation seems to be different, and the parties have reached an agreement. It turns out that representatives of the Saudi royal family will buy the team in exchange for 300 million.


Newcastle are planning massive changes


FOOTBALl-ITALIA reports that significant changes are planned in the team as soon as Newcastle have a new owner officially. The beginning of everything will be the appointment of Massimiliano Allegri as the head coach of the club.

Since Allegri left Juventus and become free, he has been linked with a number of clubs. It also became known that the Italian had started learning English in order to work in the Premier League in the future.

British football experts have already speculated that Newcastle could be transformed into the hands of the Arabs, as was the case with Manchester City. Consequently, if Massimiliano Allegri receives a guarantee that fundamental changes will take place in the team and high-level players will be added, he may really agree to work with the “Magpies.”