French Ligue 1 NewsNeymar cleared of the rape case as Trindade is charged of fraud

The case against Neymar is dropped as Najila Trindade and her former partner are accused of lying to the police and attempting to blackmail the player.


Neymar is now a free man. The case against him is dropped after police in Brazil charged Trindade and her former partner of accusing the international footballer of raping her in a Paris hotel in May.

Trindade, the Brazilian model, faces charges of slanderous denunciation, procedural fraud and extortion. Her former partner, Estivens Alves has been accused of disclosing erotic content which was thereafter published online.

For several weeks, the case dominated newspaper headlines in Brazil.

Consensual sex

It first came to the open in June when Paris St Germain star released a seven-minute video on Instagram revealing he had been accused of rape. He said, “anyone who knows me, knows my behavior and knows that I would never do something like that.”

Consequently, he went ahead to publish WhatsApp messages and images that he claimed to belong to the woman.

In the video, he says he had to make the issue public to “prove his innocence.”

Neymar met with Trindade via online. Thereafter, he paid for her trip to France and they had consensual sex before she returned to Brazil and went to a police station to accuse him of attacking her.

Ms. Trindade went public giving a television interview and releasing footage and a video clip showing an altercation between the two.

Police have filed a defamation suit against Ms. Trindade, who allegedly insinuated that the force was corrupt.

Sao Paulo state prosecutor, Estefania Paulin had said Trindade did not produce any of the evidence she claimed she had including a video that allegedly proved that Neymar attacked her.

Ms. Pauline added, “the police investigator asked her to plug her phone to the computer so she could see the video. Trindade did not want to do that. She also refused to hand over her phone and later said it had been stolen.”

From the beginning, Neymar denied the allegations and said he was being extorted.  The police dropped the case towards the end of July and Sao Paulo, attorney general’s office dismissed the case due to lack of evidence.

Prosecutors said the only injury to Ms. Trindade was to her finger and the medical reports could not prove she had been raped.


At this time, Neymar said he was relieved. He added, “this scar will remind me that human beings can do good things, but also the worst.”