English Premier LeagueN’Golo Kante about Ballon d’Or: It’s too early to talk about it
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Chelsea and France star N’Golo Kante won back his chances of winning the Ballon d’Or.


What did N’Golo Kante say?

N’Golo became one of the favorites for the competition thanks to its stellar performances that helped Chelsea win the Champions League. Protected players rarely win such glorified prizes, but N’Golo is frontrunner for the game’s top individual award after being named Man of the Match in both legs of the semi-final against Real Madrid and then again in a 1-0 win over Man City in the final.

N’Golo Kante said at a press conference that it is a little early to talk about this now and that they are in the middle of the year, there are half a year left, and there are many matches and competitions to play. No need to say today that he deserves it. Several years ago, Kante was in the top 10. It was the first time and it was enjoyable. But winning it is another story. N’Golo Kante says it is a great individual reward and he sees it as a result of a good season for the players. This is not a goal that N’Golo is working on. Those who have won it in the past are players who have accomplished great things in their careers.


N’Golo is team oriented

Meanwhile, N’Golo Kante finished ahead of Mbappe in a poll by Odaxa of France’s most popular players, the results of which were released Saturday. While Kylian enjoyed more popularity with the general public, N’Golo came out on top when it came to considering those who defined themselves as football supporters. N’Golo said he doesn’t pay much attention and is focused on the team’s goals. It may touch him a little, but they try to do what they always did. Be natural, do your best on the pitch. Praise is exaggerated and unnecessary.