Football NewsOdion Ighalo is proud to have played for Man Utd
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Odion Ighalo only spent one year with Man Utd, but he made memories during that stop that will last a lifetime.


A little about the topic

The Nigerian footballer spoke of his pride in being the only Nigerian to represent the Red Devils to date, while Ighalo does not regret his ties to Man Utd. Odion Ighalo spent 12 months at Old Trafford between January 2020 and the 2021 winter transfer window, with 23 appearances taken in all competitions as five goals were recorded. Neither made the PL but Odion made history while in Manchester and enough memories to last a lifetime.


What did Odion Ighalo say?

Odion Ighalo spoke about his connection with Man Utd, that he needs to show something to his children in the coming years. Odion talked to his kids about Man Utd, about the experience. According to Ighalo he left Old Trafford proudly, with his head up, because it was his dream team and not every dream comes. To be the first Nigerian to play there and so far the only Nigerian is a big accomplishment for him and he did well, so he’s happy for that.

Odion Ighalo added that the atmosphere at Old Trafford is different. This is a big club. you have to be inside to find out how big the club is. It’s a massive, massive, massive club. So, according to Ighalo, thank God he played for the biggest club in the world, is this an achievement for him and when he says what should he do better? Odion thinks he has done all he has to. Ighalo has worked hard, scored some goals and is happy.

Ighalo doesn’t have one regret, he has zero regrets for his time at Man Utd. They are still his team to this day and he is going to support this team to the death. Even when they fight, Ighalo will still support them because they are the Red Devils to the end.