Football NewsOlivier Giroud says he had a liking for Italian players when he was young
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Olivier Giroud in Milan after moving last year, and now open to love some of the legends of the Azzurri.


What did Olivier Giroud say?

The French player revealed that he carried a younger affection for Italian defenders such as Nesta and Cannavaro, stating that he took his cues from the pair when he made his way as a footballer. Olivier Giroud is in contention for the Serie A title this season, having arrived from Chelsea at the end of last season, and is looking for only a second league title after his success with Montpellier over a decade ago. But as the title race against rivals Inter continues to fall forward, Giroud has now spoken out about his love for the country where he now plays, naming the stars he looked up to as younger.

Speaking of his love for Italian football players, Olivier Giroud said that he was 20 years old, he grew his hair long, he wanted to be like Alessandro Nesta or Fabio Cannavaro. According to Giroud, his brother gave him the Squadra Azzurra jersey, a very thick one made by Kappa with this gorgeous blue sky. Moreover, since France was not there, Olivier supported Italy in the 1994 World Cup and wept when Roberto Baggio missed his shot on goal in the final. Olivier Giroud says that on the other hand, as far as that 2006 final was concerned, he was 100 per cent for Les Bleus!


Olivier talks about Milan

Elsewhere, the former Gunners man also paid tribute to his current club, highlighting their response to the heartbeat of their 2005 Champions League final defeat to the Reds as a sign of their collective might. Olivier Giroud added that in Italy it was Milan. In 2007 they won it, they came back even stronger. Great club. According to Olivier Giroud, this Milan was of typical Italian class, always well-groomed, handsome in general, but also very professional, strict.