Football NewsOlivieri: “Andrea Pirlo knows more than many coaches”
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Renzo Olivieri praised Andrea Pirlo. According to the Italian Association football manager, the new coach of Turin is an intellectual.


As you know, after being relegated from the quarter-finals of the Champions League, the bosses of Turin’s Juventus, in a very short time, decided to dismiss Maurizio Sarri and appoint Andrea Pirlo in his place.

The former legendary player of Inter, Milan, and Juventus has signed a contract with the Old Lady. So, from the new season, he will lead the club. Part of the fans and experts believe that this decision is hasty, and it is risky for the inexperienced Pirlo to hand over the main team to the coaching arena.

FOOTBALL-ITALIA releases a statement by Renzo Olivieri, in which he responds to this fact and expresses his support for Pirlo. In his opinion, Andrea knows more than many experienced coaches. Although the Juventus main team’s leadership is a big responsibility, Olivier believes that Pirlo will take on the task and succeed.

Pirlo knows more than many coaches. I can say with confidence that currently, Andrea is one of the most thoughtful people in world football. He knows a lot more about the game than the coaches who have been in the business for years.

He is a restrained one who thinks and makes decisions that way. Pirlo was a brilliant player. He was always analyzing the situation, making smart decisions, and it will be the same now.

I do not doubt that the system will adapt easily and find common ground with the players in the shortest possible time. I will not say anything about Sarri’s dismissal because it is always unfortunate when any of us lose our job.