Football NewsOne of Antony’s 3 Accusers Drops Complaint Against the Star
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One of the three women to accuse Antony of violent behaviour has dropped their case, according to a new report.

The 23-year-old Brazil international is accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin on four occasions. This is however being investigated by police in Sao Paulo and Manchester. Antony has denied any wrongdoing, and has not been arrested or charged.

Seperately, Ingrid Lana, a 33-year-old banker, alleged in an interview with Record TV in Brazil that Antony was aggressive towards her in October 2022, and claimed that the footballer could have killed her with his actions.

A third case, involving an incident in a car in May 2022, has been withdrawn at the request of the alleged victim.

Law student Rayssa de Freitas had claimed that she needed hospital treatment following an incident in May of last year when she was attacked by Antony and Mallu Ohana – the ex-wife of Brazil player Dudu – in Antony’s Land Rover after the three left a Sao Paulo nightclub.

The report – made to Sao Paulo Civil Police – has since been retracted in full. It is thought both women in the car had accused the other of sexual assault.

De Freitas fled the car when it stopped at a traffic light, according to reports. She later reportedly required hospital treatment following the row.

Manchester United were unaware of the existence of this police report until Brazilian media coverage earlier this month, despite the alleged incident taking place three months before his £85million move to the Premier League club.

Antony played for two seasons at Ajax under Man United manager Erik ten Hag, before moving to Old Trafford on September 1 2022 after the Dutchman joined the Premier League club that summer.

United say they carried out due diligence checks on Antony – standard procedure for all transfers. But that their investigations unearthed no evidence related to the claims that have since emerged.

The Brazil winger is currently on paid leave from Man United until further notice while he fights allegations against him.

A club statement released on September 10th read: ‘Manchester United acknowledges the allegations made against Antony. Players who have not participated in international matches are due back in training on Monday”.

‘However, it has been agreed with Antony that he will delay his return until further notice in order to address the allegations”.

‘As a club we condemn acts of violence and abuse. We recognise the importance of safeguarding all those involved in this situation, and acknowledge the impact these allegations have on survivors of abuse.’

Antony said: ‘I have agreed with Manchester United to take a period of absence while I address the allegations made against me.

‘This was a mutual decision to avoid distraction to my teammates and unnecessary controversy for the club.

‘I want to reiterate my innocence of the things I have been accused of. I’ll fully cooperate with the police to help them reach the truth. I look forward to returning to play as soon as possible.’