Football News“Our wage bill is 560 million; Bayern’s is 300 and Madrid’s reaches 400”
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The situation

Barcelona is experiencing a limited situation until June 30, when it must solve its financial sudoku in order to face the market with certain guarantees . Eduard Romeu, economic vice president, went through the microphones of Rac-1 to speak for 45 minutes about everything that surrounds a club that right now needs extraordinary income to balance the balance sheet . One of the first measures will be to, once again, ask the captains and the players with a higher salary to lower it or to defer it. Romeu gave illustrative examples. “The wage bill is 560 million. Bayern’s is 300 million and Madrid’s is around 400 million. Negotiations with the players will be individual and will be based on technical interests ,” Romeu commented. A photograph inherited from the previous stage of Josep Maria Bartomeu, former president, but with another person directly responsible for Romeu, who was harsh with the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas: “We have said enough with Tebas. That cannot be. We are Barça. This man is co-responsible for the situation of the club, he allowed this. He said yes to everything against the interests of Barça” , he valued.

700 million to reach financial equilibrium

Very illustrative at times, Romeu took out the square and the bevel to talk about Barça’s refusal to sign the Liga Impulso de la Liga project with CVC. “From a modest club it is correct, from our potential it is not a good operation. It is a café for everyone”, he confirmed, while declaring that Barça is negotiating directly with CVC without going through LaLiga because it is “more beneficial”. “We will reduce the agreement from 50 years to 25 years for a price of 270 million,” he explained, although all this is one more chance of the many that Barcelona has. The refusal to sign the Tebas project can bring consequences. Romeu fired again at Thebes. “If you sign you have that and if you don’t sign you don’t have it. You have said the word threatening. The problem is when you are a judge and party. In the winter market we managed to overcome it, we can do it,” said Romeu, who made it clear that supporting the Superliga is incompatible (“we are in court and we will win”) with being in this agreement whose objective is for LaLiga to exercise control over all levels of the club. Romeu set at 700 million what Barça would need to recover his health, and considered that in this legislature they can reach that point and catch up with Real Madrid.