Football NewsPablo Mari says Mikel Arteta is one of the best trainers in the world
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Pablo Mari has struggled for playing time at Emirates Stadium but has great respect for Mikel Arteta and is looking forward to a future in north London.


A little about the topic

The Spanish footballer may have been moved from Arsenal by Arteta in January on loan to Udinese, but Pablo Mari considers his countryman one of the best coaches in the world. Some astute set and long term vision from Mikel has allowed the top four call from the Gunners to the PL this season. Pablo plays no part in this, but he believes that those he left behind in England will continue to improve.


What did Pablo say about Mikel Arteta?

Pablo, who joined Arsenal from Flamengo in January 2020, said he has to say that Mikel Arteta is one of the best managers in the world because when he executes a game plan, Pablo never sees him like that. According to Pablo Mari how Mikel finds solutions for them and makes the game easier that he has never seen something like this. This means that he is an amazing coach.

To give them the tools to play the game easier is amazing because when they go on the field they already have in their head the type of thing they need to do to play the game easily. Pablo added that Mikel Arteta gave him the tool that if he can take three to four seconds before the ball comes to him, he will have three to four seconds to think about his next move.

For Pablo Mari, that was key because he has time now. according to Pablo, Mikel Arteta was the only coach who gave him this tool and made football easier. Mari plays easier and can see a different type of variation that he has never seen before because he has never had time with the ball before. So now at the moment Mari is thinking of another level because of Mikel.