Football News“Maldini is the definition of what a captain should be like”
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He spent 25 years in AC Milan and managed to win 26 titles with the team. The football stars praise Paolo Maldini.


Probably many believe that Paolo Maldini is the best defender of all time, and it is difficult, when dealing with a professional of this level, to bring the argument to a logical end.

He dedicated his professional football career to the legendary Italian defender to only one club – Milan and spent 25 unforgettable seasons there. Paolo wore the Rossoneri jersey in more than 900 matches in all competitions and won 26 titles.


Legends about Maldini


“When I think about the current generation – Messi is the best. Also, I was very impressed by Kaka. Zidane was excellent. However, there is no doubt that my favorite has always been Paolo Maldini. Excellent appearance, competitive spirit, athleticism. Paolo may not have been the best in the world. But his influence on the successful era of Milan was huge,” – Sir Alex Ferguson.

“There are great players, and there also are world-class players. There are players who go beyond that – Paolo Maldini is a clear example of that,” Alessandro Del Piero.

“The best thing about my experience is that I was part of his career. A great player, a great captain, and a great man,” David Beckham.

“I want to have a history like Paolo Maldini had. He was a role model for me. He was always first in everything. Maldini won everything he could win,” Kaka.

Among the best players in Milan for the last 30 years, I would put Paolo Maldini in the first place. And, Baresi would be slightly back. “We have always loved Paolo and we still love him today, because he has always shown high professionalism and loyalty to the club,” Silvio Berlusconi.

“He had what no one else had – a strong head. Maldini looks like metal, never dull. He loved training and playing football” – Alessandro Nesta.

“The level Maldini has reached is a remarkable achievement. Paolo was the best in the world and in his era. He has won many titles in his career, including five Champions Cups. Paolo Maldini will be remembered for a very long time,” Jamie Carragher.

“He’s an explanation of what a captain should look like,” Steven Gerrard

“I’ve never seen a more loyal player than him. The best Azzurri captain Italy has ever had,” Francesco Totti.