Football NewsParras: “We are eager, but too responsible”
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The Alcoyano coach sees his team capable of repeating last year’s feat, but is concerned that the environmental factor weighs on him.


Hopes against Real Madrid

Madrid hopes: “I would like them to stay two or three more days on vacation (laughs). They are already in competition. After what happened the other day they will come to show that it was a mistake so that we do not surprise them again.” Eliminatory: “A classic elimination, with a humble team, their field to burst and playing with the euphoria that we have generated. It will have nothing to do with last year. We will have to know how to work that aspect, that of the environment and the circumstances. Our audience is going to help us and push us, but we are not used to this type of scenario and they are. That aspect may worry me a little and I hope we get rid of it for many minutes. “


No responsibilities

No casualties: “The team is eager, but too responsible. We strongly emphasize that you have to live this game being competitive, but it should be as a gift for everyone. The normal thing is that they can eliminate us, but we have already shown that if they take us to our territory we will have our options”. Pass options: “They are different circumstances and different teams. We start from zero. If we can win one out of every 20 games, the counter starts from zero. But this year there are more people who trust that if the circumstances arise we can surprise”. El Collao: “I see a lot of euphoria, enthusiasm and optimism. We have generated that communion of the fans with the team and that has to give us a lot of self-esteem. We will see fans surrender to a team willing to give their all. Let’s hope that the fans’ reign will help us to go flying. But the normal thing is that they have a lot of possession and they overwhelm us, but we are prepared to compete in any circumstance.