Football NewsPatrick Vieira expresses unease over the goal-scoring drought in Crystal Palace
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Patrick Vieira expresses his unease regarding the insufficient goal-scoring in his Crystal Palace team and emphasizes the need for his attacking players to shift their mentality.


Persistent Struggles in Crystal Palace’s Offense

Crystal Palace‘s offense has been facing persistent difficulties, as evidenced by their recent 1-0 defeat against Brighton. Although they managed shots on target, the team was unable to find the net in four consecutive Premier League games. With a mere four goals scored in 2023 and no victories in their last 12 games, this lack of a cutting edge is becoming a major issue for Crystal Palace, leaving their manager Patrick Vieira increasingly concerned.


Manager Patrick Vieira’s Concerns and Expectations

Patrick Vieira expressed his apprehension about the team’s inability to score goals consistently. While he was pleased with the overall performance, work ethic, and organization of the team, he was troubled by their failure to capitalize on the created opportunities. He emphasized the need for attacking players to alter their mindset, be more aggressive, and enhance their decision-making in the final third. Furthermore, he stated that he would continue applying pressure on the players until they achieve the desired results.

Patrick Vieira also mentioned that it is not about showing more positivity but rather displaying the necessary ingredients to win matches. He expressed confidence in the players’ hard work, competitiveness, and commitment to the team’s objectives.

Despite these concerns, Vieira praised the team’s organization, discipline, and aggression during their match against Brighton. He acknowledged the players’ hard work and competitiveness but pointed out that the difference between the two teams was Brighton’s ability to score from a single shot while Crystal Palace missed numerous opportunities. Additionally, he emphasized that he does not doubt the relationship and confidence between himself and the players.


The Team’s Performance and Room for Improvement

Although Crystal Palace demonstrated a strong defensive performance against Brighton, their offensive play left much to be desired. The players, especially those in attacking positions, need to focus on improving their finishing abilities and decision-making in the final third. The team’s inability to convert chances into goals has been a significant factor in their recent poor results, and addressing this issue should be a top priority for Vieira and his coaching staff.

Vieira’s insistence on the need for a changed mindset in the attacking players indicates that he believes the team has the potential to improve their goal-scoring record. By fostering a more aggressive mentality and encouraging the players to take more risks in the final third, Crystal Palace may be able to turn their fortunes around and start securing the much-needed wins that have eluded them in recent times.


Whitworth’s Debut and Update on Guaita’s Injury

The game against Brighton marked a bittersweet debut for 19-year-old goalkeeper Joe Whitworth, a devoted Crystal Palace fan, who replaced the injured Vicente Guaita. Vieira commended Whitworth’s strong personality, self-belief, and composure during the game, noting that it was even more special since he came through the academy.

Regarding Guaita’s injury, Vieira mentioned that it happened after training and that they would need to wait 24 to 48 hours to evaluate the severity of the injury and determine the duration of his absence from the team.



In summary, Crystal Palace’s ongoing offensive struggles continue to be a significant concern for the team, and Vieira’s apprehensions highlight the need for improvement in the attacking players’ mindset and performance. With Whitworth’s debut as a positive aspect, the team must focus on capitalizing on opportunities to secure much-needed victories in the future. The coaching staff and players should work together to address the goal-scoring issues and develop a more potent attacking threat in the coming matches.