Football NewsPaul Pogba: I had no idea who Graeme Souness was
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Paul Pogba responded to Graeme Souness’s criticism. The Liverpool legend soon answered to him.


Many criticize Paul Pogba in England. One of them is the former captain of the Liverpool and Scottish national team, Graeme Souness. The 27-year-old French midfielder has reacted to the latter’s criticism, saying he had no idea who Graeme Souness was.

“I didn’t even know who he was,” Pogba told the United Podcast. “I know Souness was a good player. I can’t recognize his face, but I heard his last name.

I don’t listen to discussions often. I watch a lot of football matches, but after the games, I no longer listen to experts who talk about why the players did this or that. I just like to concentrate on football.”


Pogba is the world champion, Graeme Souness – not!


Graeme Souness had a brilliant career. He played for Liverpool from 1978 to 1984, and from 1991 to 1994 he coached the Merseysiders. As a Liverpool player, Souness has won the FA Cup five times and the Champions League three times.

Souness soon replied to Pogba: “I remember an ancient football saying: put medals on the table! I have a big table,” he told Sky Sports on The Football Show.

By the way, Paul Pogba is the world champion, but Souness is not. At the club level, however, the Frenchman has won most of his titles at Juventus.

Pogba became the Italian champion four times and won the Italian Cup twice. In 2018, he celebrated the world championship with the French team, and in 2016, he became the vice-champion of Europe. At United, Pogba has won the Europa League and the English League Cup.