Football NewsPaul Pogba thinks the Red Devils robbed him of his joy for football
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Paul Pogba returns to Turin after ending a disappointing six-year stint in England.


What did Paul Pogba say?

The French footballer has suggested he lost his joy in playing football during his six seasons at Man Utd, in which the player faced a lot of criticism, with the World Cup winner looking to rediscover his love for the game after making the right decision to return to the Bianconeri. Paul Pogba rolled back steps to Turin on a free transfer after deciding against writing a new contract in England.

The player’s previous spell in Italy proved to be memorable as he won four Serie A titles and became the planet’s most expensive player at the completion of an £89m transfer to Old Trafford and his intention is to pick up where Paul left off with the club who cries for his unique brand of inspiration.

The French international told the official Bianconeri channel of his happiness to be back in familiar surroundings after finding a tough move in Manchester that he wants to rediscover the joy of playing football. Paul Pogba spoke with Paulo Dybala, Massimiliano Allegri, Juan Cuadrado, Pavel Nedved and Andrea Agnelli, so he was always really in touch with the whole Juventus.

According to Pogba, his heart has decided for him and he is sure he made the right decision. Paul says this jersey is everything for him, Juve gave him the opportunity to be Pogba. Now the Frenchman wants to bring that joy back by bringing trophies to a club that deserves nothing but victory.


Pogba is back home

Paul started his first game at the Bianconeri in 2012 with No. 6 on his back, and filled that same spot with Man Utd throughout his second spell in England. Paul Pogba did, however, don No10 during his final season with Juventus and is delighted to inherit that jersey again after seeing him released by Dybala – with the Argentine striker leaving the Serie A heavyweights as a free agent this summer.

The Frenchman has added a choice number in his lineup that he takes the number he left to a friend like Dybala and he is very happy to get it back. According to Paul Pogba, he tells the fans that he is back home and is happy. Now is the time! Pogba will be even happier when they bring the Scudetto home.