Football NewsPedja Mijatovic has no faith in Madrid’s remuntada against PSG
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Pedja Mijatovic was very disappointed in the microphones of Spanish journalists with the image of Carlo Ancelotti’s team in the Parc des Princes.


Disappointment from the performance

The match between Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid was not what Pedja Mijatovic expected. The former white player was very disappointed in the microphones of El Larguero with the image of Carlo Ancelotti’s team in the Parc des Princes. Last night I had good feelings, I thought that Madrid was going to recover its style in an important game. But after what I’ve seen tonight, all my optimism has come crashing down. Madrid has disappointed me in every way. I’ve seen a slow Madrid, without personality. I’m very worried. If in 90 minutes, with the squad you have, you’re not capable of shooting between the three posts – imagine how all of us Madridistas are – he began by stating.


Bad night in Paris

Each team can have a bad night, a few minutes in which you are not well. But ninety… At no time have I had the feeling that Madrid could do something more than lose. Everything is possible, the second game can be taken out. But we also have to take into account that Casemiro and Mendy will not play, let’s see how Benzema is also. We have to improve the team’s performance a lot, especially Vinicius, who we all expected much more from him”, added the former player. I imagine Ancelotti will have to be very worried. But you have to look for situations. And you can’t play worse than tonight. They all have to improve, luckily we’ve had a huge Courtois. We have to prepare well for the second leg with all the losses that we have, with everything that we have against. I hope that Madrid will play a good game and leave a good image. Because tonight they have given the image of a second level team.