Football NewsPep Guardiola responded to Patrice Evra on PlayStation comments
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Pep Guardiola has been tormented by Patrice Evra’s words and insists he knows the identities of his players.


What did Pep Guardiola say?

The Spanish manager has rebuffed the ex-French player’s comments that his management style makes players feel like they lack autonomy and are in command like in a Playstation game, while the Spaniard suggests his jibe is an attempt to get a job with the Red Devils’ rivals.

The ex-Man Utd darling praised the Man City manager earlier this week, admitting he was glad to never play under him and his micromanagement style in his career.

Now Pep has fired back and suggests the Frenchman’s words are meant to offer some sort of tactical analysis in his job search at his old club, while pointing out the caliber of players he has had over the years.

Pep Guardiola stated that he did not agree, Patrice Evra! According to Guardiola, he does not play. He needs personality and good players to serve. Otherwise they wouldn’t be here.

Pep didn’t read and didn’t know what he said. Pep has had good, incredible players in the past as a manager at Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and here. The Spaniard could give a good list in terms of their personality and character. Most of them have won World, European, Champions League and League Championships.

Patrice Evra – if they were together, he would show them the personality and character of their players right now that they have, absolutely. Guardiola says maybe Patrice is right or he is making a good quote to go back to Man Utd to work there. Maybe now there is a good chance.


What did Patrice say about Pep Guardiola?

Guardiola’s criticism of the former French international followed after former steelmaker Man Utd Patrice offered an assessment of his management style, comparing Man City’s manager and his famed control to effectively turning players into NPCs within his roster structure.

Patrice Evra said he has a lot of respect for Guardiola but is glad he never had him as a coach because he is taking away their responsibilities. According to Evra, he spoke with Clarence Seedorf, they have the impression that he plays on the Playstation.

Otherwise, Pep will be busy not with video game prowess but with how to beat the Wolves as Man City faces a tough test against Wednesday.