Football NewsGuardiola: I do not understand why we should play against Tottenham and Everton
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Pep Guardiola’s winning streak seems to have put him in a humorous mood.


Manchester City is in excellent shape. Indeed, the season did not start perfectly for Pep Guardiola’s team. Still, City entered the peak of form in November and have already won 15 games in a row in all competitions, which is a record series in the highest division teams in the history of English football.

At a press conference after the FA Cup match against Swansea, Guardiola responded with humor to the successful series, saying that his team is already the Premier League champions, thus, can no longer play in this tournament this season.

“Everything was lost two or three months ago – we did not have a chance to win the Champions League and the Champions League, but now we are there. “If we are already champions. Nothing is eternal, and nothing is perfect. Winning in the past does not mean we will win in the future. We have to focus on the next match, it has always been like this in my career, in every team, and this case is no exception,” said Guardiola.

Manchester City leads the Premier League with a comfortable forearm. Fellow Manchester United is 5 points ahead and has played less. Josep Guardiola has been training with Manchester City since 2016 and has a contract with the club until the end of the 2022/23 season. Under Pep, the team won the English Premier League (2), the FA Cup, the English League Cup (3) and the English Super Cup (2). Prior to that, Guardiola coached Bayern Munich and Barcelona.