Football NewsCoutinho rejected two Grands and opted for the championship
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Philippe Coutinho has become a headache for Barcelona. Barça cannot find a club that will pay 80 million euros for the Brazilian.


Last summer, Blaugrana reached an agreement with Bayern, as if this was the best solution to the situation. But Coutinho failed to meet the Germans’ hopes. So, they are not going to redeem the midfielder, especially for 120 million euros – that is the amount indicated in the contract.

Barça have been struggling to find a buyer so far, and with a coronavirus background, it is virtually impossible that someone will pay 80 million euros.

It was reported recently that Quique Setien would like to return Coutinho. But it is not yet clear whether Setien himself will stay at the club or not.

So Barça has two optimal options. Either the Brazilian will be involved in any transfer, or he will be leased again, most likely in the Premier League.


Coutinho has chosen the desired championship.


According to Mundo Deportivo, Philippe Coutinho has ruled out a move to Paris Saint-Germain and Inter and only wants to continue his career in the English Premier League.

The Brazilian midfielder played for Inter in 2008-2013. But now, he has no desire to return to the Milan squad.

Neither Bayern Munich is going to redeem him. As you may know, Coutinho is on a lease for Bayern this season.


The reason why Tottenham Hotspur is a favorite in the fight for Coutinho


According to Mundo Deportivo, Bayern Munich attacking midfielder Philippe Coutinho does not lack those who are interested in him.

The Brazilian playmaker’s name sounds most active in the Premier League, with three teams showing interest: Manchester United, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

According to the same source, Tottenham Hotspur is a favorite in the fight against Barcelona-owned attacker. The Londoners also tried to add Philippe last summer, but they failed.

As it is known, the Catalans are interested in the Tanguy Ndombele. The Spurs are ready to capture the French for the sake of the South American.

It seems like Barcelona have finally got used to the damage they will suffer from the transfer of Coutinho. Now they only work to minimize the damage. Recall that Coutinho’s transfer cost has dropped from 120 to 70 million.