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explanations about the Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus project, about the audio scandal with Luis Rubiales, spoke about his career.


Gerard Pique (34 years old) offered a very complete interview to his former partner, the Manchester United legend, Gary Neville, on Skybet’s “The Overlap” program, where he did not let any topic about his career and current affairs escape. For this reason, he showed his opinion about the Super League project, and warned: “It has become something very political here in Spain.”

His time at United : “Ferguson was like a second father, not just a manager. He convinced me to go to United. I went to an English family, but the food was not the same, my English was not the best… I remember one day you played a game with us (talking to Neville) so that we had to say who was the best in the team and who was the worst. It was horrible, I don’t remember who I said. My time at United was not easy because with the defenses there were at the time, two of the best in the world (Ferdinand and Vidic), I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. When I was 17 and I saw Roy Keane it scared me a little bit. I realized he was a Tough guy but a great captain.”

Young people today: “Now the relationship with young people is different, when six months have passed they are the best companions. It is different, it is not better or worse. I have always told young people that they have to enjoy life because in the end they can get stressed, injured… When I arrived, Puyol had never gone out to a party and he started going out. People began to recognize him, it’s hard not to recognize him by his hair, and after three days everyone said that Puyol was going out , so he didn’t want to go out again. He was a big influence on me and I think I was on him.”

Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona: “I asked Ferguson to let me go to Barcelona. I have always appreciated how he understood the players. When I arrived at Barcelona they were not very well: Ronaldinho and Deco had left, Eto’o was close to leaving … but we started to grow. I remember that before the first Champions League final, Guardiola gave us a summary video of the whole year with our relatives and I think it helped us because we left excited. United were about to score in the first minutes”.