English Premier LeaguePitches disinfected, tackling banned & players restricted to groups of 5
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Premier League teams are due to return to training the coming week with June 12 earmarked as the first day of the season resumption.


Premier League players will be subjected to strict training and social distancing measures if they resume training.

All 20 Premier League clubs have been sent a 40-page document outlining protocols for a possible resumption of group training. Players have as well received a condensed eight-page document from the Professional Footballers’ Association.

Life as a professional footballer will be unrecognizable from before the coronavirus pandemic. All players will be tested twice a week and subjected to daily temperature checks and questionnaires.

If any player tests positive at the period of training, with or without symptoms, they will be forced to self-isolation for seven days.

Once in the training ground, players will still not be allowed to gather in communal areas and will not be fed. Neither will they be allowed to use shared transport to and from the training ground, team, or public vehicles. All vehicle interior should be thoroughly cleaned.

Medical staff and physios must wear personal protective equipment while data will be kept on record and sent to the Premier League.

Once on the pitch, tackling and contact will be banned for the first phase of team training. All types of equipment including balls, cones, corner-flags, goalposts, and playing surfaces will be disinfected after each session.

Players, the PFA and Government staff will meet on Wednesday over safety issues surrounding a possible restart.

PFA Chief executive, Gordon Taylor is hopeful a resumption can happen if players are open-minded.

He said, “If you ask me, with the type of guarantees or assurance that would give confidence to the players, then returning is achievable.”