Plan B is close to plan A

Plan B is close to plan A

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09 Jul 2022
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The situation

It was in the 2015-2016 season when Casemiro definitively carved out a niche for himself in the Madrid first team at the hands of Rafa Benitez. He was joining a squad that already included Kroos and Modric, from Bayern and Tottenham respectively. Perhaps at that time nobody had the expectations of what it could mean to bring these three gamers together in the middle of the field, but the reality is that they have made history. Four Champions League or three leagues have been some of the titles that Madrid has achieved with some of them on the pitch . However, currently all three are in their thirties, and, although they still have a lot to contribute, young footballers have been arriving for this demarcation of a very high level. from the club, knowing that the years go by for everyone and that the three tenors are going to need more and more rest throughout the season (in which around 50 games are played), they have been looking for replacements for some time quality for that parcel of the field. Camavinga, Valverde and Tchouameni (recently signed from Monaco for 80 million plus 20 in variables) are the players called to break the door and make sure the team does not suffer when they have to enter the scene . Ceballos should also be included in this place , who did not have many minutes last season, but with whom Ancelotti counts if an interesting offer does not arrive. In any case, there are four players who are under 25 years old and with incredible potential. Despite the projection that is assumed for them, they still have things to improve if they really want to appear regularly in the starting eleven. It is true that the replacements have different qualities than Casemiro, Kroos and Modric . While the last two have stood out throughout their careers for their good handling of the ball at their feet, their replacements in the coming years stand out more for their physical power and for everything they cover on the pitch.

The details

This also has to do with today’s football, a sport in which physical players are becoming more and more essential in teams. Valverde (23 years old) is the player who has been in the team the longest and who is most consecrated as an important man for the Italian coach. The Uruguayan has gradually carved out a niche for himself over the past season to the point of being essential in the key month. Although he could be seen as a right winger to exploit his defensive conditions in some games, where he stands out the most is in the middle of the field. Camavinga (19 years old) is a player who arrived last summer and who has shown when he has participated that he can become one of the best midfielders in the world. His physical exuberance and his ability to get anywhere on the field is enviable. For his part, Tchouameni (22 years old), is considered by the European champion team as a successor to Casemiro. With an extraordinary ability to recover balls, he will have to quickly adapt to a higher level league than the French one. In any case, the present and future of this demarcation in the white club is assured. What’s more, it can be said that this year Madrid will have one of the best midfielders in the world, if not the best. The complement between experience and youth will come in handy for Ancelotti, who fortunately for him will have a lot to choose from. Just need to get the ball rolling.


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