Football NewsThe players and coach decide on the GOAT, Messi and Ronaldo
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No one in the world can agree on who is the better player, Ronaldo, or Messi. There have always been a controversy on this topic, and finally, no one agrees.


Today’s article offers you the choice which famous players and coaches made between Ronaldo and Messi.


Maradona; Paul Scholes; Beckham; Marco van Basten; Zlatan Ibrahimovic; Fabio Capello; Ronaldinho;  Diego Simeone; Ronaldo; Jurgen Klopp; Rooney; Di Maria;  – Messi


Maradona loves Cristiano, but his patriotism does not allow him to choose the Portuguese. – “I can’t remember playing Messi badly. I choose Lionel.” – Maradona said.

Scholes has been with United for six seasons with Ronaldo, but he believes Messi is the best player of all time. –“Ronaldo is brilliant, but Messi is the best.” – Scholes said.

Both Beckham and Ronaldo have come to know the world from Manchester United. According to the legendary English footballer, Messi is better than Ronaldo. “For the football world, both players are important, but Messi is still better,” – Beckham said.


“Cristiano is an amazing player, but who says he is better than Messi, he doesn’t know football. A player like Messi is born once in a century.” – Van Basten said

Ibrahimovic believed himself to be the best player in the world until he moved to Barcelona and started training with Messi. “I don’t know if anyone will ever play like this. He has a gift from God. As for Ronaldo, he succeeded in hard work and training. I choose Messi,” – The Swedish player said

Fabio Capello: “Ronaldo is a fantastic player, but Messi is a genius. There are three genius players in the world. Pele, Maradona, and Messi. ” – The Italian coach said.

Ronaldinho and Messi once played together for “Barcelona.” “Unfortunately, I haven’t played with Messi for a long time. I wish I had played with the Argentine for years, but he was quite young when I left Barcelona. He’s the best in history. No one can do what Messi does. ” – Ronaldinho said

– “If I had a chance, I would love to see Messi in my team.” – Simeone said.

Ronaldo, who has played for both Barcelona and Real Madrid, believes Messi is a better player. – “Both players are aliens, but I think Messi is better. His game is different from every other player’s game, and I like him.” – Nazario said.

“In my phone, I have only one “selfie, “and that’s with Messi. Ronaldo was also in the room where I took the picture.” – Klopp said

The Englishman’s choice was probably unexpected for everyone, as Rooney and Ronaldo have been producing an excellent duo for years at United. “I think Messi is the best in the world,” Rooney said.

Di Maria had the honor of playing alongside both players. The Argentine thinks Messi is better than Ronaldo. “I was lucky because I had the opportunity to play with these two legends. I always choose them in computer games, but for me, Messi is the first. ” – Di Maria said.


Roberto Carlos; Sir Alex Ferguson; Pele; Zinedine Zidane; Kyllian Mbappe; Iker Casillas – Ronaldo


Roberto Carlos is Madridista, and it is hard to imagine him choosing Messi. – “Every day, I look at how Cristiano works. What he does is amazing. He wants to grow and be the best every day. And it works a lot for that. That is what distinguishes him from Messi.” – said, Carlos

It is well-known that Cristiano was discovered and raised by Ferguson. The legendary coach has repeatedly stated in his interviews that Ronaldo is the best player of all time. – “Don’t hang on to me because I don’t choose Messi. He has excellent ball control, but he is a Barcelona player. And Cristiano can play in any club.” – Ferguson said.

– “Ronaldo is the best player for me. He is amazingly hard-working and organized. We should not forget Messi too, but Cristiano is the first. ” – Pele said.

Zidane and Ronaldo did wonders together. They have won three Champions League in a row. – “It is impossible to describe Cristiano in words. What he does is impossible. I respect Messi, but Ronaldo stands above him. Cristiano is an even better player than me.” – Zidane said.

The French star never hid his sympathy for Ronaldo. As a child, Kyllian Mbappe had posters of Ronaldo in her room. – “I always choose Cristiano. He’s my ideal. – Mbappe said.

One of the best goalkeepers, Iker Casillas, has chosen Cristiano Ronaldo. – “I choose Ronaldo because I have spent many unforgettable seasons with him. When playing with Cristiano, I was always hopeful. He can do everything.” – Casillas said.


Final score – Ronaldo 6:12 Messi