Football NewsPlayers whose return cost Barcelona more expensively
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Football world remembers a number of mistakes made by football clubs when evaluating players. Teams are often mistaken in this regard and allow players to play in other clubs at a low price or even for free.


They realize the mistake years later and try to get the players back. But their return cost more expensive to the clubs. Barcelona is no exception.


Gerard Pique


Gerard Pique was brought up at La Masia, an academy in Barcelona, ​​but began his professional career at Manchester United. “United have given me a chance to have a daily relationship with professional players,” the central defender said in 2015.

“Barcelona’s philosophy was different then. A foreign player had more chances to sign a contract than a member of the youth team,” Pique added.

The Spaniard spent four years at the English club and, during that time, played only 12 games. Back then, the young player struggled to get into the top eleven, although he could not compete Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. The Catalan giants released Pique in the Red Devils for free and returned him in 2008 for 5 million pounds.


Cesc Fabregas


Like Pique, Cesc Fabregas was brought up at La Masia, a Barcelona academy. Although, the Spaniard began his professional career at Arsenal.

Cesc found himself at the English club for free in 2003. Over time, Fabregas has established himself as one of the main players in the ‘Gunners’ and has been promoted to captain. Cesc returned to Barcelona in 2011 for 27 million and remained at the club until 2014, after which he returned to England, this time to Chelsea.

Cesc won the European Championship twice with the Spanish team (2008, 2012) and once celebrated the 2010 World Cup. At the moment, the 32-year-old is playing in the French Ligue 1 club Monaco.