Football NewsPochettino happy they did not repeat the same mistakes against Monaco

Mauricio Pochettino edges past AS Monaco to win the Coupe de France trophy after losing both Ligue 1 matches against Monaco.


The capital club overcomes Monaco at last to claim the trophy and the manager claims they deserved it. Speaking after the final whistle, Pochettino says he is so happy and satisfied with his team performance.

“We deserve the victory and the trophy. I am happy for the players, their performance and their fight, and the fans,” Pochettino said.

“It’s a shame that they can’t be here today for this event and in this stadium, but we are very happy for everyone. We deserve it,” he claimed

Considering Monaco’s form over PSG, they were favorites but the Parisian side turns thing around and becomes the Champions. As a result of the surprising turn-around, the PSG coach discusses his team’s preparation to overcome Niko Kovac’s side.

“We analyzed that we were often very much in place in the Champions League, but that it was quite different in Ligue 1. We arrived just after playing in the Champions League, and we didn’t ‘could not always confirm. There, we were able to score this goal quickly,” Pochettino said.

“In these kinds of matches, you have to be strong, solid. You can play well, but first and foremost you have to win, that’s the most important thing. For us, the goal was to win. That’s what we did, and it’s great for the team,” he added.

Also, the Argentine tactician claims to be satisfied as his side worked as a team, emphasized his happiness.

“I am very satisfied because the whole team has shown great solidarity,” Pochettino claimed.

“Very happy because it’s a new trophy for us,” he emphasized. “And it gives us a lot of confidence for this match against Brest on Sunday. We will have to play a new final to win the league.”