Uefa Champions League NewsPoyet says that Real Madrid will have hard time against Chelsea
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Poyet is the legendary player of Chelsea. He analyzed the game and it will be visible that Real Madrid may have a hard time to easily check the game.


Not an easy game for Los Merengues

Surely they study Madrid a lot and look for their weak points because it is a two-faced team, the one in the League and the one in the Champions League, but knowing the competition that it is, we already imagine the Real that we will see. It is his territory.


Ancelotti’s future in Madrid

From the outside, yes. Ancelotti is a very special coach, one of the best in history. In any case, Madrid has to win and if they don’t, we already know what will happen. I would like him to continue because it is what Madrid needs and I don’t see a better substitute than him on the market. If he has to win the Champions League, I would like him to do it if Chelsea doesn’t. When Madrid signed him I was very happy for him and I knew I was going to learn a lot from Casemiro but Casemiro left and everything changed. In the first games he started he was fantastic because his adrenaline was through the roof but when he went down and the injury came and the trip he made to Paris to see an NBA game while his team was playing everything put him in focus and now he has to rebound. I honestly wouldn’t worry too much.