English Premier LeaguePremier League clubs unite against Man City over CL ban
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The Premier League’s top clubs have joined forces to prevent Manchester City from overturning their Champions League ban.


Majority of English football’s top clubs are strictly against Man City setting foot in Europe the next season.

Following a thorough investigation, UEFA earlier banished City from participating in European football in the next two seasons. The reason being, City was guilty of breaching Financial Fair Play regulations.

Additionally, the club underwent a €30 million fine by the organization’s Club Financial Control Body.

Man City’s CEO was quick to deny UEFA’s allegations. He said the money poured into the club has been “properly declared”. He also informed that they will appeal to the CAS which City officially did in the last week of February.

However, a majority of Premier League clubs have united to see it that Man City’s ban doesn’t get lifted.

Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, Wolves, Arsenal and Burnley have sent a joint petition to the CAS to try and prevent Manchester City from playing in the Champions League.

“The feeling is that enough is enough. For too long, City has been able to get away with breaching the rules at the expense of at least one other club that has been unable to get into the Champions League.”

“The fear is that they will be able to delay any punishment.” A knowledgeable source read.

The Sky Blues are second in the Premier League. The club bosses are said to understand the position of the clubs below them in wanting to replace them in Europe.

City surprised over Liverpool’s decision

The clubs’ chiefs were surprised at Liverpool’s involvement in the group action to kick them out of the Champions League competitions.

The Reds are a whopping 25 points clear at the top of the Premier League. They are in no danger of missing out in the next seasons’ Champions League provided the competition goad ahead amid Covid-19.

The application written to the CAS from the eight clubs states that should City request that their punishment is “stayed” while their appeal is ongoing, all clubs strongly object to the club being allowed to compete in Europe.

Assuming the club finishes the current Premier League campaign in the top four, their place will go to the team finishing fifth provided they are not allowed to take part in the CL competition.