Football NewsRules for canceling matches due to coronavirus in the Premier League
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New Premier League rules regarding cancellation due to coronavirus.


A little about the topic

The coronavirus pandemic continues, with the Omicron variant causing spikes across the United Kingdom as the countdown to the holiday period begins. A number of Premier League games have already been canceled due to outbreaks within clubs – so what are the new rules regarding the coronavirus.


Premier League reintroduces emergency measures

The Premier League handbook itself states that they can only allow a league match to be reshuffled or rescheduled in exceptional circumstances. They say they will make decisions on a case by case basis for each club and there are no set rules that will determine if a match will be cancelled. However, following the cancellation of Brentford vs Man Utd, the Premier League said they would be taking new emergency measures to combat the further spread of the coronavirus, with players and league staff now having to take a sidestream test every day to gain access to training grounds.

In addition to daily testing, players and staff are now required to take a PCR test at least twice a week to get into training facilities. Additional measures such as the wearing of masks and social distancing are expected to continue to apply. The Premier League said in a statement that the board is evaluating postponement requests on a case-by-case basis, based on existing rules and the COVID-19 postponement guidance issued to all clubs.

He will assess a number of factors including the club’s ability to send a team; the condition, severity and potential impact of the coronavirus outbreak at the club; and the ability of players to safely prepare for and play a match. The council must also consider the broader risks to the opposition and others that the club’s representatives may come into contact with.

In view of the health and well-being of all players and staff, and in light of the recent rise in COVID-19 cases across the country, the Premier League has reintroduced emergency measures. These include protocols such as more frequent testing, wearing face coverings indoors, observing social distancing, and limiting treatment times.