English Premier LeaguePremier League is shifting to a two-horse race
Mauriccio totennham

Premier League title is not over after four games. Up to now, there is enough evidence to know the pattern is set and the race, once again, will involve only two horses.

Mauriccio totennham

Manchester City and Liverpool have taken a short period to confirm they are now arguably further ahead of the chasing pack in May. This when a single-point advantage sent the title to Manchester City and third-placed Chelsea trailed in 25 points behind Jurgen Klopp’s side.

It doesn’t mean the season will be any less exciting. But it is sobering to already know in which direction the wind is blowing to with 34 games remaining.

Chelsea is in serious transition under Frank Lampard, operating with a transfer ban and without Eden Hazard. On the other side, Manchester United conceded a draw at Southampton on Saturday.

In North London derby between Arsenal and Spurs at Emirates on Sunday, the match itself had combined features. Thrilling, chaotic and wonderfully entertaining. The match packed flaws enough to tell the observers that neither of the clubs will be anywhere close to the top two.

Tottenham has threatened a challenge in recent years. There is still every chance Mauricio Pochettino’s side will compete for prizes after reaching the Champions League final in May.

Pochettino feels as if Spur’s season cannot start until the European window is shut. The manager exactly knows who he is working with. Erikson should be more settled as he will earn his prized move by performing for his current club.

Pochettino has also had to deny rumors about his future. Forcibly dismissing speculations, he would leave after this derby.

Currently, Spurs lack a spark. It may simply be early-season blues or the uncertain atmosphere that Pochettino hopes will end on Monday or it maybe they do now need a fresh injection of players and different characters for the manager to impose his principles on.

Whatever it is, there is no way anyone can see the Spurs challenge Manchester City or Liverpool.

What might happen in Premier League this season

The obvious flaws shown already by Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United may provide expectation, excitement and encouragement elsewhere. With Leicester City and Everton in particular, and perhaps West Ham United, they are sure to feel they have a chance of muscling into the chasing pack, especially as they have no European distractions.