Football NewsPremier League teams have regretted letting these players go
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The football world remembers many times when a player failed to start a career in one of the teams, but after the change of club, he significantly increased and became one of the prominent players.


The British media has identified players from the Premier League who were truly regretted by English teams.


Arsenal – Serge Gnabry


Gnabry moved to Bayern in 2016 after losing his place in the starting line-up of the Gunners.

The 24-year-old German striker is one of the best players in the current season. Serge has scored 18 goals in 33 matches and made 11 assists.


Aston Villa – Adama Traore


Birmingham would really want to give the Spanish player another chance. The former Barcelona winger left the Catalans for € 7m in August 2015 and played just 12 games for Aston Villa.

After two years at Middlesbrough, Traore moved to Wolves, where he became a strong player.


Brighton – Oliver Norwood


The Northern Ireland midfielder started his career at Manchester United, after which he was traveling between the Premier League and Championship teams.

Brighton sold Norwood last year at Sheffield. Oliver is now a key figure for Sheffield, who are just two points behind the Euro Touring Zone. Noteworthy, that Norwood have played in all 28 of the Sheffield Premier League matches this year.

Chelsea – Kevin de Bruyne


Londoners have missed many talented players over the years. However, it has to be said that selling Kevin De Bruyn after only nine games was a huge mistake.

City gained the Belgian player for 55 million euros in 2015, after which Kevin became a real star.


Manchester City – Jadon Sancho


Sancho, who recently turned 20, is one of the prominent young players in world football.

The Englishman moved to Borussia Dortmund in August 2017 and has looked amazing since then. Sancho may return to the Premier League next season.


Manchester United – Paul Pogba


Although Pogba is still playing for United, his move to Juve has been a huge mistake. Recall that the “devils” paid 89 million in exchange for the French.