Football NewsPSG fears that the Mbappe case could explode this Sunday
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The Frenchman will attend the UNFP gala, with PSG displaced in Qatar. The club wanted to prevent his presence. He already hinted at his departure at that gala in 2019.

The situation

At PSG they fear that the Mbappe case could explode this Sunday, at the UNFP (National Union of Professional Soccer Players) gala. An event in which the Parisian club, recent Ligue 1 champion, will not be present, as the team will be in Doha, the capital of Qatar, on a promotional trip that should have taken place at the beginning of the year, but was delayed due to the pandemic situation at that time. PSG will not be at the gala… but Mbappé will. And at PSG they fear that the striker will take advantage of the occasion to communicate, albeit veiled, his decision to leave France to join Real Madrid. However, Mbappé’s insistence on being at the UNFP gala has been important: he refused to go to Doha due to the coincidence with the event, which PSG wanted to prohibit him from attending . Finally, the club gave up.

The details

Asked about this situation, in case PSG fears that Mbappe will launch a message contrary to the club’s interests, his coach, Mauricio Pochettino, was not too sure of anything: ” That is a question to Kylian because the rest will be in Qatar If I hope for something, it’s that it’s some positive communication for PSG, but I don’t think so. In any case, it’s a question for him.” Balls off the coach, who knows that the battle is beginning to be very complicated. PSG have good reason to fear Mbappé at the UNFP gala, in which he will surely receive the award as the best French player of the season in Ligue 1. In 2019, he already took advantage of this same event to launch a blast at PSG: ” I think it’s time to take more responsibility. Maybe in Paris I’ll be happy, but maybe somewhere else too with a new project.  If more about this is too much. It was the message I wanted to send.”