Football NewsQuarrel in Lazio dressing room after the match with Sassuolo
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Lazio have lost four of their last six games since the start of the season, including their last three in a row. At first glance, it seems that not everything is in order in the “Eagles” camp. The Italian media writes about the argument in Lazio dressing room.


It was reported that after the defeat with Sassuolo, team defender Francesco Acerbi and doctor Ivo Pulcini got into an argument in the Roman locker room. Tensions are linked to Lazio’s recent failure. As it turns out, it all started two weeks ago, in the run-up to the match against Torino. Participating in the verbal confrontation is also charged with physical training coach Fabio Ripert and one of the physiotherapists, Giorgio Gasparini.

However, Lazio issued a denial immediately after the release of this information and did not confirm the internal controversy.

“The club categorically deny about the news in the press about the disagreement with Sassuolo after the match. They also emphasize that this news is unfounded,” the club said.

The controversy was not confirmed by Lazio doctor Ivo Pulcini. He seems to have been one of the main participants in this story:

“Everything is a lie and a fictional story. Acerby is a very good friend of mine. We always talk to each other warmly. I am a sports doctor. So, I do not justify the tense atmosphere in the dressing room in case of defeat, “Pulcini said.

Recall that Lazio was actively involved in the fight for the Scudetto. Before the end of the season and was only one point behind Juventus. However, after the restart, the team coached by Simone Inzaghi gave up the position and now has an 8-point distance with the leader.