Football NewsRaheem Sterling was tested for the coronavirus
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Raheem Sterling was at the party of the infested Usain Bolt. The English player was tested for coronavirus.


The famous edition of the Daily Mail informs us that the world record holder in the 100 meters sprint, Usain Bolt, was infected with the coronavirus.

Bolt celebrated his 34th birthday at his home in Jamaica. So, the party was attended by many guests, including Manchester City player Raheem Sterling.

Usain took the test this morning, and the answer was positive. A video depicting the birthday party of a Jamaican athlete has been spread on social media.

Manchester City attacking midfielder Raheem Sterling has already been tested for coronavirus. Fortunately, the player’s test showed a negative response to the virus.

“Raheem is fine. He has no symptoms typical of the coronavirus,” said one of the player’s entourage.

Recall that on August 21, legendary sprinter Usain Bolt turned 34 and held a jubilee party in Jamaica, which several famous athletes attended, including Sterling. It was later revealed that the 8-time Olympic champion had been confirmed for COVID-19.

It should be noted that upon his return to England, the 25-year-old will undergo a repeat test. So, if Sterling was diagnosed with the virus, he would have to skip some of the preparation for the new season. But he is fine.

Last season, Raheem Sterling played in 52 matches under the auspices of all tournaments and scored 31 goals.