Football NewsRalf Rangnick doesn’t know what’s in store for him at Man Utd, but he hopes he stays
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The German manager says he hopes to stay aboard the Red Devils after the arrival of Dutch manager Erik ten Hag’s in the summer, but Ralf Rangnick admits he doesn’t know what the future holds for him at Man Utd.


What did Ralf Rangnick say?

In the second half of the season, Rangnick took over as head coach at Old Trafford, replacing Solskjaer on a temporary basis at the Dream Theatre. Initial plans were for the German to subsequently move up and take on an advisory role at the club, though those plans look less assured after the team’s poor run of form in recent months – but despite that, the manager is hopeful he can still have a place at side.

Ralf Rangnick said that he is interested and feels very strongly with this club after these five and a half months. Ralf is still seeing what options and areas for improvement where they could develop.

According to Rangnick, seeing how Liverpool play against them, seeing what is happening in other clubs, they also talked about Arsenal and even Tottenham – why can’t this be possible here? This is one of the biggest clubs in the world.

It’s just amazing and of course Ralf would love to be part of the process that needs to happen. But the German does not know how this can happen. Ralf says they have an agreement on this role, but in the end it’s not a matter of what’s written on paper or what’s been agreed upon.


Ralf don’t worry about it

Elsewhere, Ralf Rangnick stressed the importance of not imposing his presence on the Dutchman who would replace him in the management center and suggested if he was indeed right for the role to assist the outgoing Ajax manager in his new capacity.

The German added that it is also important to know how Erik ten Hag sees it. Does Erik like talking to someone like him? How close Erik wants to work together. It’s something they haven’t talked about yet, so for him, Ralf doesn’t care about it at all.

But for Rangnick, it’s not a question of negotiating a contract or anything within the next two years. According to Ralf Rangnick, it’s about what actually happens. As far as Erik and the Man Utd board really want his opinions and his experience or not.