Football NewsRalf Rangnick: “Everyone should think like a defensive midfielder”
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Ralf Rangnick believes that his side has an unusual weakness in high flying as they have a hard time making transitions.


What did Ralf Rangnick say?

The Red Devils manager believes Man Utd leaves too much room for teams to benefit from their 3-2 win against Norwich on Saturday. Ronaldo’s hat-trick sacked Man Utd before an important win at Old Trafford, but it proved to be a tricky one for Ralf’s team. Despite two goals down, Norwich managed to push back into the game and pulled out the level.

It took Cristiano Ronaldo a third effort to get his team back in control of the game and the Red Devils manager says his side has a unique weakness in the PL. Ralf Rangnick told reporters that he told the team they were playing with a very offensive formation and lineup, with Bruno and Pogba in midfield and Jesse.

Rangnick thinks it’s a very offensive formation and lineup and that’s why he told them that it’s very important that they play with a defensive mindset and everyone should think like a defensive midfielder. As Ralf said, after they scored the second goal, they allowed too much open space in transitional moments and if you look at the two conceded goals, especially the first one, they had the ball on the touchline, but they were just not physical enough.

Once there is body contact they need to get physical and more aggressive, but they weren’t and it was too easy for Ralf. According to Ralf Rangnick, they are the only team in the league to concede such goals. They were all on the ball at the time, so it’s not a matter of tactical discipline, it’s a matter of how physically they defend themselves at times like this.


Today’s situation

Manchester United are among the teams still pushing for a place in next season’s Champions League group stage. Tottenham are currently in fourth place despite their 1-0 loss against Brighton on Saturday. Man Utd are three points behind after beating Norwich, while the Gunners are level with Ralf’s men after losing to Southampton.