Football NewsRalf Rangnick jokes about ditching traditional Premier League holiday schedule
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Man Utd boss Ralf Rangnick has offered his take on the current schedule of Covid-19-affected English football.


What did Ralf Rangnick say?

The German manager joked that the idea of ​​ending the traditional Premier League holiday schedule is the same as abolishing the Queen. For a long time, the English top race was the only major European league that continued to play domestic Russian games throughout the winter without interruption. A format change has been suggested this season as the latest wave of coronavirus has led to multiple carry-overs, but Ralf would be against breaking the historic convention.

Speaking ahead of Man Utd’s trip to Newcastle on Monday night, Ralf Rangnick said that he has watched Premier League football for the past 40 years, so when it was also the First Division and he knows what tradition it is to play football in Christmas and Boxing Day, 27th, 30th and even New Years or 2nd January.

So if someone comes across the idea of ​​canceling it, then they could also talk about canceling the tea at five o’clock or the queen or whatever – it’s all part of the tradition of this country, and according to Ralf Rangnick he really looks forward to being a part of it. for the first time in his career.


What does Ralf Rangnick offer?

Interim manager Man Utd may be opposed to changing the Premier League schedule, but he has offered an alternative proposal to address the congestion problem. Germany’s head coach believes English football should follow the plan of the Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Serie A, with only one domestic cup competition.

Rangnick also called for the return of five substitutions amid rising coronavirus cases in the division, adding that it still makes sense to host two cup events in the future? All other major European leagues only have one, so it might be a question worth talking about again and of course they are also discussing that it makes sense to have five carts instead of three now they have COVID again.

According to Ralf Rangnick the reason the five replacements were implemented was for COVID, now they have the COVID situation again and still have 18 players on their squad roster. It makes sense for him to be able to substitute not just three, but five players.