Football NewsRalf Rangnick says Cristiano Ronaldo is not an aggressive monster
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Ralf Rangnick admitted he never found the right balance between offense and defense.


A little about the topic

Portuguese footballer Ronaldo is not an aggressive monster, according to the German manager, who admitted the Red Devils had to compromise tactically to fit the veteran striker’s style of play. Cristiano has led Man Utd impressively since returning to Old Trafford from Juve last summer, scoring 24 goals in 39 appearances across all competitions. However, Manchester United have popped out of the PL’s top four and suffered early exits in every major cup competition despite Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals, and Ralf admits he failed to find the right balance during his seven-month stint in the dugout.


What did Ralf say about Cristiano Ronaldo?

The interim manager doesn’t hold Cristiano responsible for Man Utd’s failures, but the fact that his high-stress philosophy hasn’t been effectively executed is a big source of frustration. The German tactician at the press conference said that he is the one who is the most frustrated by this and frustrated by this. At one point, they just had to find compromises – “by attacking a little deeper, how can we get our offensive players into position?” Rangnick said.

According to Ralf, Ronaldo scored a few goals, but then again, Ronaldo – and he doesn’t blame him at all, he did great in those games – but he’s not a crushing monster. Cristiano Ronaldo is not a player – even when he was a young player – he was not a young player who was crying, yelling “Hooray, the other team got the ball, where can we win balls?” And it’s the same with quite a few other players, so they had to make some compromises at one stage, maybe they did a few too many – that’s also possible – but as Ralf said, they never found the right balance between what they need with and without the ball.