Football NewsRangnick doesn’t think Ramadan is affecting Paul Pogba’s game
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Paul Pogba won’t eat until sundown on a religious holiday, but the coach insists it won’t affect his performance.


What did Rangnick say about Paul Pogba?

Red Devils boss Ralf Ragnick said there are no plans to let the French midfielder break his post during their PL match against the Reds on Tuesday. Manchester United travel to Anfield to take on Klopp’s challenger title in a game that is critical for both teams. Because of Ramadan, Paul Pogba is required to abstain from food and drink from dawn to dusk for the entire month of April.

The sun will set during Tuesday night’s match, which means Paul Pogba could start eating again, but Manchester United head coach Ralf Rangnick says there are no plans to let him break his post while the game is underway.

The Red Devils boss said that as a player, as a pro, Paul Pogba is used to it. According to Rangnick he didn’t talk to him about it, it won’t affect his performance. As far as Ralf knows, Pogba is fasting, but as the German has already said, he has not spoken to him about it personally.

Rangnick had quite a few other players who were fast. Ralf also knows at least one Liverpool player, he used to be a player who also makes a post. Ibrahim Konate, so he would have the same problems too.


A little about the topic

Ralf Rangnick also dismissed suggestions that Ramadan is affecting Paul Pogba’s performance for Man Utd. The French player was set up in the second half as his side beat Norwich 3-2 on Saturday and were booed by supporters.

The Manchester United manager said no, he just felt it was the right time to put on fresh legs and fresh players. According to Ralf it was also related to the bill at the time, but he didn’t think about Ramadan or anything like that.