Football NewsRangnick praised Cristiano Ronaldo for his performance
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Interim manager Rangnick praised Cristiano Ronaldo for his off-the-ball play as the German’s reign at Man Utd began with a 1-0 win against Crystal Palace.


What did Ralf Rangnick say?

Fred’s goal in the second half of the clash at Old Trafford was enough to see Man Utd secure three points in the first leg under a new interim boss. The interim manager was pleased with the way they played and highlighted Cristiano’s efforts as Man Utd got his first taste of the new pressure system the manager wants to implement.

Ralf Rangnick said he was very happy with the way the team performed, especially the first half hour, with pressure, it was exceptional. The only thing missing is 1: 0 or 2: 0.cHow they defended, they controlled the whole game, the blank slate was the most important part. This is what they need to improve. they need to keep clean sheets. With just one workout, Ralf was very impressed. they did much better than expected.

According to Rangnick, they always tried to be on the front foot. they were never different from the last five minutes. At all other times, they tried to keep them away from their goal. They wanted to play with two strikers, especially in the central position. By the way, Ronaldo works without a ball, hat.


What do players say about the temporary boss?

Much has been made of the style of play that former RB Leipzig and Hoffenheim coach is expected to present at Old Trafford, with a team expected to press the teams at a high level. Man Utd star Fernandes was thrilled with the start they had against Palace as they shut down their opponents and played at a high tempo. Fernandes said it depends on the game.

Sometimes you have to press a little more, sometimes you have to press less, and everyone knows that this is one of the things the manager wants from them. More pressure to be more aggressive. they tried to do it today.

Bruno Fernandes thinks the first 25 minutes from them were incredible, fast paced and they don’t give them any space. they retrieved many goals high up the serve. they could have scored many times in the first half, Bruno thinks, they could have done a little more at least three times. But they got three points and this is the most important thing.