Football NewsRangnick thinks Marcus Rashford needs to boost his confidence on his own
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Marcus Rashford had to start again from the bench on Saturday despite the absence of Cavani and Ronaldo.


A little about the topic

The Red Devils manager says Rashford needs to get himself out of the rut that has plagued his season. The English footballer started on the bench as Man Utd drew 1-1 against Leicester despite the absence of Cavani and Ronaldo. Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick opted to use Fernandes as a striker and started Pogba behind him rather than giving striker Marcus a shot at the Foxes’ goal until he came on as a substitute 55 minutes later.


What did Rangnick say about Rashford?

Ralf admits that he didn’t want to call Marcus to start the game because he has a low level of confidence, but says it’s up to the English International to resolve the situation. Ralf Rangnick told reporters that he didn’t think the team changes had any effect on the rhythm of the game in the first half, but when they realized after 55 minutes they needed a goal they brought Rashford for Scotty.

According to Rangnick, he had a yellow card, otherwise Ralf would not have removed him, but with a yellow card, he considers it the right decision to remove him. Rashford, it’s no secret that he’s not having his best time right now, it has to do with rhythm and confidence, yes, again, it’s their job to help him get that confidence back and that’s why Ralf decided to bring him in. Eventually Marcus Rashford has to do it himself, obviously, but the only thing they can do is talk to him regularly and tell him what they expect from him and what he should do.

The rest must be done by himself. There are quite a few examples this season of players, some of them still here with them and one or two of them no longer here, showed that it is possible to develop a level of confidence within a couple of weeks where you can again be a different player. According to Ralf Rangnick they all know that Rashford can play better, but then again in the end the steps he has to make himself.