ArchiveRaphael Varane saga continues – MU is close to signing French Player
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The Raphael Varane soap continues as the player edges closer to his Real Madrid, future of Raphael Varane is absolutely dependent on Real Madrid and Manchester United

Destiny of Varane

The information about Varane’s status surfaced back in February, February 9 to be exact. It suggested that Varane may move to Manchester United and it may really happen this week. Varane left it up to the two clubs to decide his future. The Los Blancos are afraid of the possibility that a French footballer has already reached an agreement with Manchester United. If Varane desires to move on to another team, Real Madrid would be keen on cashing in on the defender as he only has a year left on his Real contract, surely Real Madrid will have a high price, but at the same time the buyer, Manchester city would like to buy Raphael Varane for considerably low price, still, Varane is indefinitely one of the most valuable for Real Madrid, and losing him will be a misfortune, to say the least, but at the end, we still need to wait for the Varan’s official statement on this situation without it we can only theorize.

Real Madrid without Varane

Varane is greatly valued in Real Madrid and losing him will be a big loss to them, so without The french star Real Madrid will be on the weaker side, but It’s not something that Club can’t recover from. David Aliba is coming so we don’t have to worry much about Real Madrid’s weakened state, nevertheless, the fact that Varane may move to another team is just sad. Varane had such a great run with Real Madrid and plus to all of that they had a strong relationship, both Real and Varane respected each other and they both appreciated each other. It truly will be sad to see Varane end the big chapter of his football career.