Football NewsRaphael Varane’s worst period in Champions League
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French defender is not feeling good right now. Raphael is the main defender for Real Madrid as Sergio Ramos is injured. Los Blancos captain is injured, so everyone has hope in Varane.


What’s wrong with Varane?

Raphael Varane’s worst run in Champions League started back in summer of 2020. Real Madrid had an away match against Manchester City. Pep Guardiola’s team was ready to defeat Los Blancos and qualify for next round. In the first half, Real Madrid has shown true potential. Benzem and the attacking line were really good that night. Unfortunately, Raphael Varane was not feeling his best that night. Fans believe that Raphael Varane has the worst performance in career against City. 

This season started and Raphael Varane is still alone. Without Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid lost the first home-match of the group stage. It was a match against Shakhtar. Away team scored three goals in the first half. We can’t blame Varane or Militao personally but they are responsible for the power of defense. Unfortunately, without Sergio Ramos, the defense of Los Blancos is very weak.

Another nightmare of Raphael Varane

Experts believe that Varane has a serious mental problem that started against City. That night against City changed Varane’s mindset. After that match, Raphael can’t play well in the Champions League. The same thing happened against Shakhtar in Kiev. On Tuesday, Real Madrid was in need of 3 points. By that way, Los Blancos could qualify for next round. Unfortunately, Raphael Varane and Nacho were not feeling best at the pitch. Team conceding two goals and both from the side of Varane. After the game Zidane said that Varane will keep improving every week. It means that we may see old and better Varane again.