Football NewsRashford lives to forget this season
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The English striker lives the season to be forgotten. Three goals in 15 games and Rangnick cannot find an explanation for his game, and many fans also can’t really explain his way of playing this season. He clearly has a certain problem and the statistics are a clear indication of it.

Rashford’s situation

Manchester United beat Aston Villa thanks to McTominay’s goal in the eighth minute, when in the second half they had the opportunity to kill the game. Marcus Rashford was with Mason Greenwood driving in the direction of Amy Martinez. He ignored his teammate, shot and the Argentine goalkeeper deflected the ball. Rashford, for his part, ignored this refusal. The image did not take long to appear in the chronology of Red Devil fans. “He is from Manchester, he came from a quarry and does not seem to want to be here,” one expressed such a feeling, but it was shared by hundreds of angry fans. An image is said to be worth a thousand words, and the image of Marcus sitting next to Bruno Fernandez when he was replaced in ’86, next to the image shown in the draw, with his shoulders lowered, is an example of the striker’s season. Summer was promised, Cavani stayed, Varane arrived to hide the problems, and Sancho and Cristiano accompanied our main character. Dream trident. For now, it’s a nightmare to get them to perform in unison. 

Reality and truth

Sancho is reproached for the adaptation period, speech, which ceases to serve as an excuse. But Rashford was called upon to work with Cristiano to help bring about the final revival of the Red Devils. Reality? No one can blame the Portuguese star for his performance, as he is the team’s top scorer, but it seems like his touchdown shut off the “10”. 22 goals in the 2019/20 season. 21 and 15 gears last year. Three goals in 15 games so far. But there is data that is especially creaky, this is data on recovery in the opposite field: 0.3 for every 90 minutes two years ago, 0.2 in 2020-21, and not a single one in the current one.