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Ravi Shastri wants T20 Cricket should be played in football format

Ravi Shastri: Former Indian coach Ravi Shastri believes that the T20 format is not meant for bilateral series between international teams but should be restricted to the World Cup only.

Shastri’s remarks came ahead of India’s five-match T20I series against South Africa.

T20 format should end

Shastri, one of India’s most successful coaches. He also feels that looking at the enthusiasm of sports fans as far as shorter formats are concerned. The best approach would be the T20 World Cup in two years with franchise cricket.

Shastri told ‘ESPNcricinfo’, ‘There is a lot of bilateral cricket happening in T20. I have said this before, even when I was the coach of the Indian team. It was happening in front of me.

T20 cricket should be like football

Shastri said, ‘It should be like ‘T20 cricket’ football where you only play the World Cup. No one remembers the bilateral tournament. Shastri’s tenure as the Indian coach ended last year.

He said that he does not remember a single T20 match except the World Cup during his last 6-7 stint as Indian coach. He said, ‘A team wins the World Cup. They remember it. Unfortunately we don’t, so I don’t even remember that.’

Shastri said, ‘Franchise cricket is being played all over the world. Each country is allowed to play its own franchise cricket, which is their domestic cricket and then every two years you play a World Cup (T20).’ The media and broadcast rights for the next five-year cycle of the IPL will be sold in June.

Aakash Chopra predicted

Talking on the future of IPL, former Indian opening batsman Aakash Chopra said, “I think in future there may be two phases of IPL in each calendar year and it is not too far off.” Shastri also agreed with Chopra.

He said, ‘This is the future.’ He said, ‘It can happen in the future. 140 matches should be divided into 70-70, in two seasons. You can’t say anything.

“You might think it is ‘excessive’ but nothing is ‘overdose’ (too much) in India. I have seen people outside Bio-bubble, how people have reviewed it in the last few months after coming out of COVID-19. And they are enjoying every moment of it and they are also disappointed when it is over is happening.