Real Madrid almost signed Lewandowski 9 years ago

Real Madrid almost signed Lewandowski 9 years ago

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17 Jul 2022
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Robert Lewandowski came to Barcelona – he was sent there for almost six months. Not everyone remembers, but a Pole is sent to Spain much longer. If now they came for Robert from Catalonia, then nine years ago they were staring at Lewandowski with might and main in Madrid. Real Madrid tried several times to sign the striker.

Madrid gave more to Bayern, but then Lewandowski did not want to leave Germany and compete with Benzema

In 2013, Leva was still playing for Borussia Dortmund and gave one of the brightest concerts of his entire career – he epicly put poker against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals. Jose Mourinho, who coached the then Madrid team, simply could not find words after the match and shrugged his shoulders. Jurgen Klopp could not help himself: “I can’t believe my eyes. It’s something incredible. I’ll call this guy Robin Hood because he just gave the poor a holiday. “Five goals against Wolfsburg will always be in my heart, but Real Madrid poker means something special to me. I can never forget that night. It was incredible,” Robert recalled with a smile in 2019. Real Madrid have not forgotten this either. In the summer of 2014, Lewandowski left Dortmund as a free agent – and six months before the end of the contract, he began to look for a job. Bayern came first – and the parties quickly entered into a verbal agreement. “Madrid” began work to intercept the Pole from the Munich paws. “Economically, Madrid’s offer looked much better,” said Marca in 2020, the player’s former agent Cesarius Kucharski. – The key point was that Robert did not want to go to the bench and compete with Benzema. He dreamed of playing in every match. But Real Madrid did not give up. Florentino Perez understood that we had agreed with Bayern and Robert wanted to go there. Do you know what he did? Perez offered us a lot more money. I had to go to the management of Bayern and listen to a lot of unpleasant words. But in the end, they also raised the salary.” In February 2020, the Polish newspaper Onet Sport posted a contract from Real Madrid online. “Madrid” gave Lewandowski a contract for seven years with a salary of 10 million euros a year dirty. And Robert would have received a 10 million bonus just for the very fact of signing the contract. But the Pole did not dare to break the oral agreement with Bayern. Kukharsky assures that it was not only about Karim – Robert simply did not want to leave Germany.

Real Madrid tried to sign Robert for several more years. Perez personally met with the striker, but without result

The Spanish media linked Lewandowski with Madrid for several more years. Marca wrote that in 2016 Leva himself rushed to Spain, but Bayern did not let him go and refused to negotiate. In 2018,  Real Madrid still dreams of signing the Pole. In 2020, rumors multiplied, but Lewandowski himself assured that he would stay. “It is true that I met Florentino Perez several times. I can’t tell you the dates, but once it happened after the match with Real Madrid – but I can’t tell you what we talked about and when it was. But I stayed at Bayern and am happy,” Robert smiled enigmatically. Then Florentino Perez reacted to this quote. “We spent several years on Lewandowski, but they didn’t sell him to us. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone.”



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