Football NewsReal Madrid are preparing huge party for Mbappe
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The memories of the dreamy Cristiano Ronaldo presentation back in 2009 perfectly represents what Real Madrid expect to take place when Kylian Mbappe is officially presented as their new player, so it seems like the party will be on the high standard.

Kylian Mbappe’s Presentation is very close 

Real Madrid hopes that Mbappe will not be included in Paris Saint-Germain’s squad for their Ligue 1 game against Reims on Sunday. This way, they can make his signing official on Sunday, or at the latest, on Monday. Then, Mbappe will join France for the international break, and Real Madrid will have the time to prepare a celebration to welcome him to the club. The price for the player is already set, and at this point, they have to wait and get all the legal work and paperwork is done, and that is it. We can’t stretch it enough for how close the presentation is. All the rumours and speculations suggest September 9 or September 10, but, understandably, it will not be the same as Ronaldo’s first presentation was. It’s all because of the covid and the restrictions that come with it. Still, Real Madrid is working on every scenario that can rollout. At this point, we can somewhat officially say that Kylian Mbappe will be part of the team in Real Madrid next season. The only thing that remains a little unclear is the exact time when the French men will come to Real.

Future of Real Madrid with Kylian Mbappe on their side

It seems to be quite clear that Real Madrid will be in their best form when Kylian Mbappe arrives. The only thing we have to do at this point is to wait, and that is it. Kylian will be coming in a few weeks, so it will not be a long wait. After that, it will be even more interesting to see what position he will be at.