Football NewsReal Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus in Danger of Being Eliminated from the Champions League.
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Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus might be kicked out of the Champions League, according to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, as the three European heavyweights continue to compete in a Super League.

Following the failure to create the European Super League last year, the two LaLiga teams and a Serie A team continued to promote the concept, without formally resigning as the idea’s figureheads.

Ceferin says that UEFA will act now that a Madrid court has given the governing body permission to penalize the three teams that still seek to start a breakaway tournament.

‘First, the judgment may always be appealed,’ Ceferin said of the case in an interview with French magazine L’Equipe. We can act after the procedure is completed…’ Any club might be sanctioned… Some people are skeptical. They are incorrect. Everyone follows the same set of rules.

‘And what if I remarked on what individuals said on a daily basis? They also claim that UEFA makes billions while the clubs get 93.5 percent of the money. How can you explain this to someone who isn’t paying attention?

‘Believe it or not, but all teams, whether they are from Slovenia, my home country, or famous names in European football, are treated the same.’

‘Of sure,’ Ceferin answered when asked if UEFA could eliminate Real, Barcelona, and Juventus from UEFA competition. However, the UEFA Disciplinary Committee’s judgment is final and independent.’

In the same interview, Ceferin conceded that UEFA’s original plan to offer two additional Champions League spots to clubs with better coefficients from 2024 onwards was a mistake.

It follows a reassessment that will grant two additional seats to countries that fared best in Europe collectively.