Football NewsReal Madrid, Barcelona & Juventus may be banned from Champions League
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Uefa is ready to ban three clubs from the Champions League. It’s rumored that Uefa representatives are in talks with Real Madrid, Barca and Juve for the ban.


What the future holds

As you may know, these three clubs were the founding members of the Super League. Three weeks ago, 12 founding clubs officially announced the birth of the Super League. Unfortunately for Real Madrid or Barcelona, 9 members left the agreement and joined Uefa instead. It seems that Uefa knew how to contact the owners of those clubs. During the latest interview, Florentino Perez said that Manchester City was the only club with bad intentions. From the start, Manchester City owners were not fully convinced and they were first to leave the Super League. Florentino Perez believes that financially biggest European clubs are in danger. There was a big financial recession along with the pandemic and now clubs can’t take the money for the transfers or the future salaries. The same had been mentioned during the interview with Laporta. Keep in mind that PSG, City and other English clubs are in hand of billionaires or rich families.


Uefa wants to ban these teams

We mentioned above that Uefa was not happy with the decision of 12 founding teams. In the latest report, Uefas said that 9 out of 12 clubs said that they are sorry for the decision and they left the Super League. At the same time, it’s visible that 9 teams will be forgiven from Uefa and they have a chance to play in Uefa Champions League in next seasons. As of Real Madrid, Juventus and Barca – nothing is certain right now. Uefa’s representatives note that they are ready for banning those three clubs from European tournaments like Champions League and Europa League. La Liga will get the biggest hit if the ban from Uefa is real.