Spanish La Liga NewsReal Madrid has a big optimism with Luka Modric’s form
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Ancelotti confirmed that his recovery is advancing fast: “Good news, he can make it to Saturday.” He has gone to Belgrade to put himself in the hands of the “miracle doctor”. He doesn’t give up.


Hope from Carlo Ancelotti

What was a utopia, is now only difficult. And that’s a lot. Because Modric has gone from receiving advice to start thinking about the return against City… to seeing himself with options to play in the Cup final . It was Ancelotti himself who, without even being asked about the subject, dropped the bomb at a press conference: “Good news is coming to us; it can make it to Saturday”. But in the bowels of Valdebebas a remarkable optimism is beginning to be breathed with the matter. He has options and he is going to squeeze them.


Fast recovery of the player

The player suffered a left leg hamstring injury in Montilivi. After an hour of play, he asked for the change and put ice on the bench. As the hours went by, the pain increased and that is where the alarms went off: medical tests and, indeed, it was not an overload, there was an injury . With an estimated downtime of two to three weeks, his presence at La Cartuja was almost a utopia. “We are hurt”, Ancelotti even said, almost handing over his weapons. But this Monday he sharpened them again, confirming that the miraculous recovery he needed is on the right track. Far from it he is confirmed for the final; but not ruled out. And that, five days, is already a lot.Two words: “Good news.”