Football NewsReal Madrid have made their first offer for Mbappe
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Real Madrid has made their first move; Los Blancos have been sitting, watching, and waiting. They have now put an offer on the table to Paris Saint-Germain in the hope of signing Kylian Mbappe this summer. Florentino Perez has tabled a bid of 160 million euros to lure the World Cup winner away from the Parc des Princes.

Optimism in Real Madrid

Real Madrid has remained quite optimistic regarding the whole, and now is their lucky time to buy their long-awaited French Star. However, even though they have multiple chances to buy, many teams have an eye out for Mbappe. However, not many of them have an opportunity to overbid the 160 million euros that Florentino Perez has bridged. Indeed Perez has made some controversy because of the leaks that were surfaced in June of this year. Still, it seems like this will be his way to make a redemption. Mbappe is up for a departure from the PSG. Still, we don’t know where he will choose to move on; the thing with all of this is that it’s nothing new that Real Madrid is willing to buy Mbappe for this kind of price. First of all, Mbappe is insanely valuable, so even 160 million euros is a reasonable price for it, and actually, in 2017, there was a chance of Mbappe moving to Real Madrid. Still, because of failure in negotiations with father, they couldn’t sign him. 

Future of this situation

It’s guaranteed that there will be a transfer of Mbappe, but only time will show us where he will go, he will have a departure from PSG, but in what team he is going to remains a mystery, only time will show if Real can finally sign this french star. There is still some time until the window closes, so we will some interesting things in close future